V01S Mini Dual USB Port Car Charger

●  Small and Sleek with Dual USB Port
●  Shock Resistant
●  Wide Compatibility
VEGER V01S Mini Dual USB Port  Car Charger

1. Fast-Charging
Fast charge your devices with its Max output of 2.4A.

2. Ultimate Design
Small and Sleek compact design with built with Fireproof material, eco-friendly car charger.

3. Certified Safe
Built with a Multi-protection Safety System that provides superior protection for your car and your devices. It has an anti-slip snap head sign that gives secured and stable charging on a bumpy road.

Input: DC 12V-24V
Output 1 & Output 2: DC 5V2.4A (Max)
Dimension: 2.45*2.45*4.5cm


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